Wacko Jacko Is Racist and It’s Time We Call It Out

9 min readAug 29, 2020

by SupermodelSonya

In the 19th century, he was known for his fighting style, offering the dog he was fighting his back or his neck. His appearance was frightful to most animals, but it was unsure what species of monkey he was. His name was Jacco Macacao and he looked like a gibbon monkey, known for their ashy complexion in the face and their dark fingers.

Jacco Macacao fighting a dog

If you didn’t understand that, Jacco Macacao is a monkey.

Over the years, British children would delight over the “Jacko Monkey” toy they’d receive for Christmas or their birthdays. These stuffed monkeys were available for sale into the late 80s. Those who are more sentimental can find the Jacko monkeys on eBay.

Jacco in a fight in 19th century England

It is no coincidence that the same moniker would be given to Michael Jackson at the same time.

Elvis (Left) The Beatles (Right)

He broke the records of the Beatles as a child with his brothers, otherwise known as the Jackson Five. America grew up with Michael and his family, with he and his…




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