To The Media: It’s Time To Sideline Piers Morgan

16 min readApr 10, 2021

By Supermodelsonya

The world couldn’t get enough of her. She was beautiful and charming, yes, but there was so much more than her beauty and immense charm. She had a heart of gold.

But hearts of gold don’t play well to the tabloids.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

The media stretched the truth, denied her any semblance of a normal life with privacy, all while remarking on every globetrotting move she made.

In the end, it was the vultures. It’s always the vultures who survive off those no longer among the living. The media feasted on the Princess when she was alive and well, also playing a role in the end. Despite becoming rich men selling pictures of her whenever and wherever they could, they couldn’t be bothered to see a human being in need.

As she took her last breath, a camera shutter opened and shut.

In the end, it was the people who grieved for their Princess. It was after that the public got to really know who the Princess was through her children. In keeping with clichés, neither were perfect, but as the youngest members of the Royal Family, their accomplishments and blunders were talked about, criticized, laughed at, and accepted by the public. Today, we look on Princess Diana’s life lovingly. She touched the lives of millions around the globe and is a truly cherished spirit.

Time has a habit of moving on, whether we want it to or not. It wouldn’t be long before another troubled, beautiful Princess will enter Stage Left. She will capture the youngest Prince’s heart and look for “happily ever after,” but somehow the script for this story looks disturbingly the same as another.

An American Princess

America has no royalty, but there’s no surprise that the Prince picked his Princess from the closest thing we have to it in the States; Hollywood. A respectable, beautiful actress making a name for herself, met a Prince. One he placed the glass slipper on her feet, the rest was history. The Brits had a new Duchess, but what to make of her? She wasn’t the first divorced American to marry into British Royalty. So, they relied on lazy tropes, stereotypes, and shady family members with agendas, and outright lies.


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