The Story the Main Stream Media Is Missing Again….

4 min readJan 2, 2018

The MSM or mainstream media along with the Democratic party was hounded last year for missing the hundreds of thousands of stories that the “forgotten man” was telling. After dealing with such adversity and hardship, these brave individuals were ignored in the 2016 election cycle only to face a reckoning of epic, orange proportions.

The news media and the Democratic party forgot the mostly high school educated, rural Rust Belt living, blue collar workers whose voices were silenced by the voices of brown immigrants and inner city dwelling African Americans who were still dealing with issues of racism, redlining, and redistricting.

America had the choice between a credible and qualified candidate and a breathing and walking DISCUS feed come to life. Just imagine an orange colored, alt-right Pinocchio grew up to become the President. When America made their decision and started allowing zoo animals to represent them to the world, the media has spent most of this time trying to figure out why and how many of them got it so incredibly wrong? They are still reckoning with themselves asking these hard questions and figuring out what it was that they missed.

In this narrow minded and short sighted way, they are missing another huge story. HUGE.

Just the other day, I watched the twentieth panel of Trump voters on CNN. This panel was discussing how despite Trump’s many missteps, how they were not going to defect from the President. Facts didn’t seem to bother them. Truth was just an inconvenience. It was like watching Cubs fans pre-2015 say, “Next year!” Nothing mattered. Trump was their losing sports team and they were going to stick with him no matter what the cost.

The President’s approval ratings are currently at 32% at the time of this writing. With ratings at historical lows, Trump is hugely unpopular. However, you wouldn’t know that with the way the media treats Trump supporters these days. If you walked down the streets of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, you probably couldn’t grab enough of them to fill a room. However, they are now the media’s darlings. They are on panels, documentaries, and in book excerpts. The people who got it so wrong, don’t want to make that mistake again. But they are headed towards another disaster, just as Trump and the GOP.

Trump’s base is probably at or less than 32% of the country. What about the rest of us? There are tons and tons of people that voted for Trump and who have regretted that decision since the first day that he asked his representatives to come out and defend him against the claims that his inauguration crowds were bigger than Obama’s. Some of his supporters just laughed nervously and went on about their lives, but as we are nearly one year in, these supporters are no longer giggling. They are downright mortified at their decision.

No one seems to be talking about this remorse. No, they want to focus on, “The Base”. The base that delivered the Presidency to Trump and not the people who didn’t vote for him at all, or the people who did vote for him but regret that decision.

This “Blue Wave” of Democratic victories wasn’t delieverd by Trump’s base. This was delivered by the angry Democrats who are watching this country and its values go down the drain, and the remorseful Republicans and Independents who are sorry they decided to “try something new”. Trump’s base is a group of people who are more likely to believe “fake news” over actual news.

They are a group of people that would cheer on fellow Americans being hanged for being in the so called “Deep State” that doesn’t exist. They are a group of people that would blatantly ignore their President committing murder on 5th avenue just so he could deliver on some of his promises. They are a group of people who claim their 2nd Amendment rights are being taken away while there is a daily assault on their 1st Amendment rights, especially with the free press. They are a group of people who don’t seem to care that a foreign government meddled with our 2016 election.

If the media was paying attention, they wouldn’t have been surprised at Doug Jones win in Alabama. I saw it coming and I’m a disabled mom of a college student who sits in a wheelchair all day and take medication. Why didn’t all these political analysts? I saw the Blue Wave coming in elections in the East so why were they so surprised when the Democrats pulled off incredibly impressive victories?

The media is on the verge of getting it all wrong again. Instead of paying attention to a small group of people who chose a horrible man for president, they need to pay attention to the larger part of the country that is ready to give a new reckoning to the GOP in 2018 and 2020. The media is on the verge of another huge mistake.





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