On Buffalo and White Supremacy: The Last Whimpers of Denial… Die

11 min readMay 20, 2022

By The Mad Chronically Ill Girl

Things tend to die, especially after they’ve grown worn and old. They tend to wither and dry up, like the petals of an old flower that just didn’t get enough sunlight and/or water.

I found my flower petals detached from the stem one morning just days after I had received them for Mother’s Day. They were just as dry and discarded as those last whimpers from the truly clueless when it comes to denying the existence of White supremacy in this country.

As the pictures of the tragedy filled my screen in my otherwise dark room, I began to wonder about those flowers and how terrible they looked now, such a change from just a few days ago.

The beauty of those flowers when they were given to me, felt like I had been lied to. Or perhaps it was more like when someone promises you the entire world and you get nothing in return to show for it, but some bitter, dead flowers.

Because the one constant truth that we have to realize in this country is that the bitter and dryness of White supremacy has never died, gone away, or withered. It is as strong today as it was a couple of hundred years ago. The more that some of you claim that White supremacy has come to an end, the more you’re proven wrong.

Tucker Carlson gets paid millions of dollars to spew nonsense, however, there is nothing remarkable about the man. He’s not the best-looking person (not a dig) in the world, nor is he the smartest. He’s not even that talented. It was reported that his own father told him to go into the field of journalism because “they’ll take anybody”. Now, that’s motivation!

It is not a dig when I say that Tucker Carlson is the epitome of mediocre. However, he got a very non-mediocre job where he’s paid millions to spout his beliefs and get a whole hour to talk about what he thinks. He gets millions to make claims without a lick of evidence, but when caught, he resorts to the “I’m just asking questions” game that he’s so familiar with. When that doesn’t work, then in court, he’s simply an “entertainer” who says, “entertaining things” and gets millions for that. The things that he “entertains” doesn’t even have to be factual.

Remember, as you read these words, do not forget that this man went to Journalism school and got a whole journalism degree, just to get a television show years later, and claim that he’s…




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