Michael and The Media

11 min readJun 25, 2021

by Supermodelsonya

She was known as “Jackie”.

Jackie claims that she was gang raped by different men while onlookers watched at a party at a fraternity. She told her story to some friends and was interviewed by a journalist from “Rolling Stone” magazine. Jackie told the female journalist that she was gangraped by seven men at a U-Va. Fraternity party in 2012.

Mrs. Erdely-Rolling Stone Magazine

Jackie and the journalist Mrs. Sabrina Erdely weaved a magnificent tale of silence and indifference with a school staff that was conflicted with dealing with a serious crime and the schools reputation.

The backlash against the university was swift. Mrs. Erderly found Jackie to be “credible” She felt that she described an experience that was incredibly traumatic to her.”

The New Republic wrote an article titled “Rolling Stone Never Gave the Villains of its Gang Rape Story a Chance to Defend Themselves”.

She was found “credible” without explanation about the criteria that makes some credible and some not.

However, there were issues. The fact that Jackie knew two of the rapists and could name them was an interesting fact, but one she didn’t follow up on. Nor did she even talk to the friends who she told in the aftermath.

Had Mrs. Erdely done that, an entirely different story would have emerged. The story she told her friends was not the same story that she told to the Rolling Stone. The night that she said she was assaulted, there was no party scheduled at that time. There were many issues with her story and how the journalist compiled the story, not speaking to all the parties involved. Had she done her due diligence, perhaps she would’ve gone in another direction.

But the journalists of today aren’t good at nuance.

All it took was one journalist to actually do their job. To actually dig into the details and see that there were some things amiss. Then came the avalanche of stories from other journalists, chastising Erderly for her lack of due diligence.

Something I found rather funny, seeing that it is so easy to jump on a bandwagon after the fact. The journalists that wrote articles chastising the reporter and Rolling Stone were often guilty of doing the same things that she had…




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