Conservatives are Right; The PC Culture Must Go Now!

It’s hard to tell Conservatives that they are right, but when they are, you simply have to admit it. The PC Culture that we deal with today is just spiraling out of control.

And it’s not the Left. It’s the Right.

For many years, they’ve been telling us what television shows are appropriate, what movies we should be watching, and pushing other beliefs on us. They have become the arbiters of who are the real “patriots” of the country. They tell us that “Black Lives Matter” is racist because it is believed that blacks only care about black lives, even after the movement has repeatedly stated that’s not correct. However, that same logic isn’t applied to “Blue Lives Matter”, because for some reason, they tend to understand that is not what Blue Lives Matter isn’t about, and that’s elevating blue lives over everyone else’s.

We are told that Mexican Americans who wave their Mexican flag proudly on American soil hate America but the Confederate flag is a symbol of heritage. We need to be worried about transgender people in the bathrooms with our children, when they’ve always used the bathrooms that they felt comfortable in. Going to the bathrooms is not a new phenomenon but an old one now. Women should not have access to abortion services and employers have permission to be involved in my family planning. We are told that we should be terrified of brown asylum seekers, black thugs, and saying Merry Christmas will get your family murdered in the constant Holiday war that’s been going on for years.

They complain that racial diversity is not something that we need to encourage in this country, rather diversity of political thought that should be elevated instead. These people ridicule the “safe spaces” of the Left but complain that universities and colleges all over the country teach agendas with a liberal bent. They will only go to Fox News and other conservative media outlets for their information, while shunning other sources like CNN, NPR, and MSNBC. They kick protesters out of rallies if they dare raise an eyebrow to the rantings of the Mad King Trump. They’ve effectively created their own safe spaces themselves, but will ridicule the Left over the same issue.

The Dixie Chicks know this brand of PC nonsense that the Right has been pushing all along. It’s just their brand of political correctness that they want to see and advocate daily for. They see themselves as “cultural warriors”, ridding themselves of the “Marxism” and “socialism” that seems to exist all around them, while not realizing they are guilty of the same crimes.

They whine about freedom from the government but they want the government to come in and police the behavior of the LGBTQ community. They want a tiny policeman at the opening of every woman’s vagina to let her know what she can and can’t do. Women are actually being prosecuted thanks to laws that conservatives have placed on the book that protect the life of an unborn child over the mother. In many cases, women are being criminalized and thrown in jail because they were suspected that they killed their children, when in actuality, these women suffered from stillbirths at home.

The President frequently rails against the PC culture of the Left, but in his own special brand of hypocrisy, he has demanded apologies from those who dare attack him, his family, and his staff. He constantly plays the victim and feels that he must “attack back” when he’s criticized. However, he doesn’t feel the same way about those who he attacks on a daily basis. They should just ‘take it’.

This twisted “truth telling” about minorities and marginalized groups is what I find remarkable. They feel as if these groups are “coddled” but their own group is most represented in the country and these people have no problems finding their beliefs and message on display for everyone to see and hear.

We’ve simply moved away from decency as the norm and we want to travel backwards in time where racist jokes were just fun and games. Where you could sexually harass the women at your job and when they complain, you can call them “sensitive”. Decency has no place in today’s society where the Anti-PC police are involved. They want to go back to offending the disabled, because….well…we can.

Political correctness is simply for liberals to deal with. Not conservatives. In their mind, instead of celebrating our many differences, they are only interested in elevating their own voices. They simply want their opinions and beliefs to matter more in a culture when that’s pretty much the only things we tend to acknowledge.

I, for one, am tired of conservatives telling me how I should run my private life. I’m tired of conservatives pushing their backwards agenda on the American people. Trans people have the right to identify how they wish. Gay people should enjoy equal protection under the law. If you are free to practice your religion, then I should be free from your personal brand of religion. You don’t get to discriminate against people and then hide behind God. I find that particular brand of “religiosity” abhorrent. Conservatives know their positions are not popular, poll after poll shows this.

I’m tired of conservatives telling black and brown people that they need to stop acting like victims, but politician after politician in “Red Country” tell their white constituents that their “economic anxiety” is the fault of people who don’t look like them. They are told that somehow they will get their “country back” from the hands of those who are trying to somehow wrestle it away from them through illegal immigration and minorities grabbing “handouts” that somehow don’t belong to them, despite the fact that these people are also citizens.

I’m tired of conservatives hammering the point home that when they need something from their government, it’s called services. When black people are only asking the same things, it’s called “handouts”. I’m tired of conservatives telling the adherents to their ideology that it’s not their fault that they are worse off than they were just ten or fifteen years ago. That it is somehow the fault of everyone else why the quality of life has gone down in this country. It’s never “personal responsibility messages” for the majority. No, they just use malicious scapegoating in exchange for votes.

Conservatives demand apologies, fund crowd raising efforts, and rail against the so called “liberal agenda” every single day in this country, but yet they aren’t called victims. They use that term for others who have more “political diversity”. They do all the same things and yet we are supposed to believe that the Left has a problem with political correctness and they are the supposed warriors against this problem that some have even stating is “killing America”.

It’s the biggest joke in the world and many of you have fallen victim. You’ll cry that political correctness is run amok and then demand that I apologize for spreading the blame around. The hypocrisy is astounding and it needs to be called out consistently and regularly.

The Right never defines what political correctness is nor do they ever explain the line between what is PC and what is common decency. There is always this fluid definition that seems to change from day to day. They actually don’t have to define what it is. They simply scream the term, injecting it into public discourse, just as easily and recklessly as those on the Left cry racism. Everything is PC culture run amok these days with very little explanation from them on the difference.

There are many who simply want to become more inclusive of everyone and recognize all of the contributions made by marginalized groups in this country. Many of these people who scream the loudest about this PC culture, such as Steven Miller, are still members of these groups or at least they are part of groups that were once marginalized like the Italians, Polish, and the Irish.

Playing “identity politics” is another term that is injected in conversations dealing with political correctness and those on the Left are always accused of it. Again, this is nothing but more hypocrisy. Identity politics are being played on both sides, with the Right taking home the trophy of victimization.

Why do so many of Trump’s followers and others on the Right want to build the wall so badly? Will it make their lives better? Will it put food on the table? Will it keep them employed or give them healthcare? No. They claim they are worried about border security in Kansas. The Right throws rocks and hide their hand. They participate in identity politics all the time, but it’s the identity politics of white people. Telling them that they are victims of a vicious system that keeps them trapped in poverty. Black people are why your homes are falling part. Mexicans are why you can’t get ahead because they come here and help depress your wages. Illegal immigrants help keep you unemployed because they come in and hurt wages. They are why the health care system is drained because they come here and just suck up all the benefits. They never have to bother with facts, knowing that food stamps and some other benefits will never go to them due to the fact that you must be a US citizen to obtain them.

Identity politics are being played on the Right but they are constantly ignored. The big story is how the Left only thinks about minorities and white people are just “forgotten”. The Right ignores the fact that they played a big part in how many of these trade policies that they went right along with cost American jobs. The Right hides their hands in the fact that it is they that broke down regulations that actually helped workers, as they passed laws with silly, backwards titles like “Right to Work” that actually makes it easier for your boss to get rid of you. They don’t see these things happening because it’s a much more salacious detail if I tell you that Black people are the reason for why your life sucks.

Lastly, the drumbeat of personal responsibility is the biggest crock of all. If your child is on opiates, blame the Chinese for flooding our country with cheap Fentanyl. The wall won’t stop your kids from overdosing because we know that most drugs come in through legal ports of entry. Black and Brown people are selling your children drugs on the streets. Brown people are pushing this over the border so the wall is going to save your child who is already a drug addict.

Because jail is a place to send other people, not their children. Boy, did they ever hurry up to change the laws. While Blacks begged their federal government to help us during the crack epidemic, we got bigger and brighter jails. Now that the drug addicts are white children, they tell themselves that their children don’t belong in jail. They belong in treatment centers and fancy rehabs. Because it’s their children. America’s children. The millions of black children that suffered in the 80s and 90s due to the fruitless war on drugs was a war on people. A war with many casualties that continue to this day. A war that the Right found their compassion for, which was locked up in treasure chests and safe keeping when Black America begged for help.

Political correctness is a weapon used to silence marginalized voices. It will continue to elevate the voices of those looking to keep it that way. This loosely defined term will continue to evolve, depending on who is making the argument and progress on social issues will grind to a halt. Just the other day, a woman was quoted that Trump “is hurting the wrong people”, was very telling in many ways. Terms like political correctness exist to punish those who dare to speak up against the system, while words like “decency” and “humanity” wither by the wayside.

There is no longer any need to be decent to each other. There is no reason to treat each other like human beings. Why, that’s just more political correctness run amok….



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