Colorism Is a Big Issue, So Sit Down Cast of Basketball Wives and Jason Lee

13 min readOct 17, 2019

By Sonya Dickerson

Cast of The Basketball Wives

Light skin is better than dark skin in America.

There is a certain hierarchy that those like gossip columnist, Jason Lee, reality show star Evelyn Lozada, and the cast of Basketball Wives frequently love to ignore. There are benefits in this country to having light skin, but there are some members of our community that would love to downplay these benefits or say that they don’t exist at all.

In America, white supremacist beliefs teaches that white people are at the highest of the chain. Light skinned black people are closer to the bottom, but certainly not at the bottom. Then you have dark skinned people with more Eurocentric features. Malaysia Pargo and Kristen Scott, cast members of the show, Basketball Wives, fall in this category. Last on the list, you have dark skinned people with more African features like a larger nose and thick lips. Cast member OG, or Ogun Chinjindu fall in this category.

Ogun “OG”

Ogun is absolutely stunning, in my opinion. She is an athletic and intelligent black woman who clashed with the more aggressive and violent personalities of…




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