By Supermodelsonya

I “converted” a “die-hard”.

I had just convinced a friend that was holding out, stating she would never be vaccinated, to get the shot.

I wanted to roll my wheelchair in circles. I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs. I wanted to throw my partially used masks in the air and do a happy dance. I converted one of faithful!

I used no flashy charts and graphs. I didn’t prepare a lengthy…

by Supermodelsonya

She was known as “Jackie”.

Jackie claims that she was gang raped by different men while onlookers watched at a party at a fraternity. She told her story to some friends and was interviewed by a journalist from “Rolling Stone” magazine. Jackie told the female journalist that she was gangraped by seven men at a U-Va. Fraternity party in 2012.

Mrs. Erdely-Rolling Stone Magazine

Jackie and the journalist Mrs. Sabrina Erdely weaved a magnificent tale of silence and indifference with a school staff that was conflicted with dealing with a serious crime and the schools reputation.

The backlash against the university was…

by Supermodelsonya

When you try to expose others and do it in such a way that is so biased and inflammatory, you wind up exposing yourself.

Maxine Waters

It’s embarrassing to have to say that Representative Maxine Waters did nothing wrong. I say that its embarrassing, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. This is exactly what happened when some on the Right and in the media tried to expose Representative Maxine Waters with her words.

They exposed themselves.

Asked what protesters should do if Derek Chauvin is found not guilty of murder, Waters said: “Well, we gotta stay on…

By Supermodelsonya

The world couldn’t get enough of her. She was beautiful and charming, yes, but there was so much more than her beauty and immense charm. She had a heart of gold.

But hearts of gold don’t play well to the tabloids.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

The media stretched the truth, denied her any semblance of a normal life with privacy, all while remarking on every globetrotting move she made.

In the end, it was the vultures. It’s always the vultures who survive off those no longer among the living. The media feasted on the Princess when she was alive and well, also…

by Supermodelsonya

It is one of the most visited websites in the world. From children using it as a resource for a book report to people looking up topics on anything one person can think of. If you need to research it, chances are you can find the information on Wikipedia.

I grew up reading encyclopedias as a child out of a desire to want to learn different things, and out of boredom so Wikipedia was a great place where I could get lost for hours and just hop from one topic to another, expanding and sharing knowledge. …

By Supermodelsonya

When the news hit that home run king Hank Aaron had died, the media and other personalities rushed to their platforms ready to gush and fawn over the man who broke many barriers on and off the…

by Supermodelsonya

Mrs. Hathaway in her latest project…

Witches in Hollywood have had it hard in these spellcasting streets. They’ve suffered for decades with discrimination and prejudices that always seem to befall witches. Ever since a house fell on one sister witch, things have been looking down for witches in the world today.

The newest scandal? Anne Hathaway plays a witch in an upcoming television series, which I’m sure will be a delight. I really don’t know actually, but that’s not the issue here at hand. No one is asking will Anne Hathaway do supernatural witches justice on the small screen.

The problem?

She portrays a…

by Supermodelsonya

The hypocrisy is so thick, you can cut it with a knife.

Let’s travel all the way back in time, to a mythical place. It’s called Georgia and it’s May of 2020. Long time ago, right?

We learned there was a man named Ahmaud Arbery who was taking a jog through a neighborhood. Two men, Travis and Greg McMichael hopped in their pickup truck along and decided to chase him, believing him to be the cause of a string of burglaries in the neighborhood.

With the help of another man, William Roddie Bryant who taped the altercation, he…

by SupermodelSonya

In the 19th century, he was known for his fighting style, offering the dog he was fighting his back or his neck. His appearance was frightful to most animals, but it was unsure what species of monkey he was. His name was Jacco Macacao and he looked like a gibbon monkey, known for their ashy complexion in the face and their dark fingers.

Jacco Macacao fighting a dog

If you didn’t understand that, Jacco Macacao is a monkey.

Over the years, British children would delight over the “Jacko Monkey” toy they’d receive for Christmas or their birthdays. These stuffed monkeys were available for…

By The Mad Chronically Ill Girl Podcast

Hi, My name is Sonya or otherwise known in internet circles as “The Mad Chronically Ill Girl”. It’s a heckuva title. We’ll get into that later.

Mad Chronically Ill Girl Podcast

First, let me be the first to say that I’m sorry you have the dubious title of “Long Hauler”. It basically means that you were infected with COVID-19, and are experiencing one or more symptoms from the infection many days or even months later.

Because this is a novel coronavirus, there is no way of knowing how long you must suffer from this symptoms. For that, you…


I fight Lupus w/chemo. 😘 Astrophysics Wheelchair 💁🏾-watch your ankles!♿️🇩🇪🌈 I eat MJ haters 4 lunch. Debating me is foolish w/any topic Don’t. 🔱

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